Car Photo Editing

Car Photo Editing

At Clipping Path AI, we offer professional Car Photo Editing services. Our Car Photo Editing pricing starts from $0.59 only.

Car Image Editing Services for Dealers, Photographers & Agencies

What makes Clipping Path AI’s Car Photo Editing different?

At Clipping Path AI, we pride ourselves on using state-of-the-art technology and software to provide unmatched image editing services. Our dedicated team always go above and beyond, pouring their expertise and passion into every project. Every car photo achieves excellence and originality in the editing effort, and our main goal is to elevate every photo to a state of beauty.


Using the latest techniques in automotive maintenance, our editors ensure that every aspect of car models is enhanced to delight viewers. From refinishing the exterior of the car to enhancing its body, we guarantee a visually stunning transformation. Some of the benefits of choosing our car photo editor service include:

Increasing the appeal of your raw images, making them more appealing and engaging.

  • With competitive pricing, our automotive paint repair services are accessible to all clients.
  • Manage your images securely with SSL secure image transfer protocol, ensuring maximum privacy.
  • Project completes quickly without compromising image quality or editing standards.
  • Accelerated business growth potential through our automotive model replacement business.
  • Impeccably crafted images that create a lasting impression to impress your viewers and clients.

Trust our experts for comprehensive car photo editing solutions that elevate your photos to new levels of perfection and professionalism.

The main features of our car editing services:

Expert creative team With years of experience in painting and editing automotive graphics, our creative team ensures the highest quality results. Our editors always receive rave reviews from satisfied customers.

Fast completion: Our skilled and experienced team ensures speedy completion of the project without compromising on its quality. Every project is handled with the utmost care and dedication.

Consistent Quality: We prioritize providing the highest quality services. Our dedicated quality control department conducts thorough triple inspections upon completion of each project.

Affordable prices: Starting from the US. For only $0.20, our automotive photo editor offers exceptional value in Photoshop. Few companies can match the quality we offer at such a reasonable price.

Strong security measures: Customer privacy and security are of utmost importance to us.

Commitment to customer satisfaction: Our editors will provide timely and high-quality service without ever compromising on quality.

Popular Car Image Editing Services Offered by Our Car Photo Editors

Our automotive photo editors are experts in Adobe Photoshop, providing high-quality automotive photo editing services tailored to photographers, dealers and agencies. With skilled, motivated editors proficient in Photoshop, Illustrator, or Lightroom, we cater to a variety of photo editing needs. Here are some of our most sought after jobs:

Car photography


A basic technique for removing backgrounds from images, especially for sharp, smooth images.

Our experienced team uses this process to remove blurred backgrounds from vehicle models, ensuring they are ready for the online marketplace or promotional materials such as magazines and brochures . . . .

Effective use of the intersection enhances image quality and makes the subject stand out.


  • Create a clear background for vehicle models.
  • It gives the opportunity to add an interesting background to make the eyes more interesting.
  • It makes it easy to customize the background colors according to specific requirements.

Automobile Image Background Removal


It is important to remove background images from vehicle images to create a clear background or to add a new background. Once the background is finished, some of the options are to use solid colors or make them transparent. Both imaging and masking techniques can be used to remove automotive image backgrounds.

Professional background subtraction is crucial for automotive models to meet client and audience expectations. Removal of the background is inevitable for the use of vendor work or the display of images online. Removing blurred backgrounds and replacing them with bold colors or remaining transparent is essential to the quality of the image. This service helps eliminate distractions, clutter that can reduce a vehicle’s appeal. In addition, it is important to change the background color to match the image.


  • It corrects the dull and troubled background.
  • Prepare images for online and offline business applications. The car show adds relevance and authenticity.

Improving Lighting in Car Images


Optimizing lighting for a car photo is important, especially when taken in low-light situations where the car’s headlights can be overexposed. Our experts are experts in high definition, highlighting and white balance to correct overexposure due to headlights, ensuring a balanced light in your image

The image is clear and visually appealing by reducing the effect of excessive headlighting. Adjustments are made to ensure that other dark areas are also well lit. Additional customizations can be made based on your specific needs for online or offline display and marketing purposes.

Clients and audiences alike will appreciate the balanced lighting in your photos, giving them a better view of the car’s interior. With a beautiful and highly glossy image, your car sales business is sure to attract more customers and expand its reach.


  • Get perfect lighting, expression, highlights and white balance in the image.
  • Fixes problems caused by excessive headlights.
  • It improves the visibility of the interior of the car, making it more appealing to customers.

Car Color Correction


To ensure that the look of the car is consistent and standardized, color correction assures that the car’s main colors and exterior are accurately represented. Our team carefully performs this process using Photoshop and its color rendering tools.

By color correcting, we bring a vibrant look to the car and ensure that its actual color is accurate. Whether displayed online or unveiled offline, your car will immediately grab viewers’ attention with its vivid authenticity.

Presenting the car in realistic and vibrant colors provides viewers with detail, making them feel satisfied and engaged. We guarantee exceptional results for automotive photographers looking for flawless color correction services.

With our color correction expertise, your customers will experience improved satisfaction, leading to higher and higher sales.


  • It imparts real color to the viewers, enhancing the authenticity.
  • Increases intensity of background colors by color correction.
  • The addition of our professional touch enhances image and drives sales and promotions.

Car Image Retouching


Car photo retouching by our experienced car photo editor is a must to prepare photos for commercial use. This technique effortlessly enhances the look of your car, no matter where it is in the original photo. Our team uses various tools like “Clone Stamp Tool”, “Healing Brush Tool”, “Spot Healing Brush Tool” to perform the retouching process.

This process effectively removes stains and unwanted debris from your car’s body, ensuring a flawless touch. This is especially important for images displayed online that are intended for sales or promotional purposes. The clean and pristine graphic design gives viewers and potential buyers a clear and attractive view of the car.

With our retouching services, your car’s photos will stand out and look polished and professional. A well-designed image not only affects the brand and the company that owns it, but also enhances the brand and business credibility of the car.


  • It provides customers with detailed information about the vehicle.
  • It provides polished and professional images.
  • The supply of uniform and clean vehicles, enhances brand value and commercial reliability.

Car Photo Resize


Great Car Image Change by Car Image Editor

It is important to get the right size and thickness when changing vehicle model sizes. It is important to use the “Crop Tool” in Photoshop to remove unwanted parts of the car from the image. Then, pressing “CTRL + T” allows the change handle to resize again. Additionally, the size of the pixels can be changed through the “Image” section.

Our team resizes the image according to the client’s needs, changing the height, width and shape to ensure the right size and shape. Once resized, the image is suitable for all types of online and offline marketing purposes, whether for photography services or automotive workshops.

Thanks to the perfect size, viewers can enjoy a better view of the image online and offline. This makes it easier to place replica car models in online showrooms and marketplaces, capturing the attention of potential buyers with their flawless, rectangular shape


  • Reduced load time and data consumption of websites.
  • It allows viewers to see the car accurately from the front.

Car Shadow Creation


Car photo shadow construction

Creating a vehicle shade is the most important step after removing the exterior. The addition of shadows to the vehicle model is achieved through the “Drop Shadow” feature, which is duplicated in the main model area, creating a natural and authentic look

Our experienced team excels in creating original, waterfall and eye-catching shadows to enhance photo realism. Each shadow is carefully applied from different angles to blend seamlessly with the chosen background. Without the right shadows, even with the right background, the image may lack detail and authenticity.

We specialize in creating shades that perfectly match the body and exterior of the vehicle. This 3D effect adds a high quality to the image, effectively hiding distractions and making the subject more visually appealing.


  • It enhances the natural look of images, which is ideal for eCommerce platforms.
  • Adding shadows creates beautiful images.
  • It hides distractions and adds depth with a 3D effect.

Car Image in Banner Ads


The objective is to attract the attention of the customers effectively by placing the image of the car in banner ads. These images should be vibrant and prominent in the banner ad, with context. Using Photoshop to create the banner is essential to get the best results. Whether you’re a car salesman or a photographer, adding images to banners can extend your reach significantly.

Our team specializes in creating flawless banners with your designs. Before creating a banner, our car photo editors carefully handle all editing tasks including background editing and color correction. Then, an appropriately sized banner is created that seamlessly incorporates the image into the details.

A well-designed banner immediately grabs customers’ attention, increasing your car salesperson’s business. Customers benefit from thorough descriptions of specifications and clear pictures, ultimately improving satisfaction.


  • It provides photos and detailed information about the car.
  • It allows customers to reach out and respond faster, leading to faster engagement.

Add or Remove Lens Glare


It is important to add or remove glossy mirrors from automotive models to eliminate unwanted surfaces on automotive windshields. This function uses tools such as the “Dodge Tool”, “Burn Tool”, and “Curves” to fine-tune lens flare. It is important to eliminate glare to achieve picture free images.

Our team uses dodge burning and curve adjustment techniques to remove or add lens glare to these beautiful images. The resulting low-light-free image looks fresh and beautiful. However, there are cases where the addition of bright light is necessary, especially when dealing with blurred light sources.

By eliminating glare, we eliminate glare from windshields and car windows, improving visibility. This allows the image to be used on different platforms. Conversely, adding a shiny mirror can also enhance the image depending on the desired effect.


  • Eliminate glare from windshields and car windows, adding clarity.
  • Interior features are highly visible and distinctive.

Car Photo Restoration


Use our restoration service to restore your damaged car paint. We use state-of-the-art technology to transform old and damaged models into new ones. Our experienced and highly skilled team uses a variety of techniques to restore car models to former glory.

When you entrust us with the restoration of a vintage painting, we guarantee that the painting will not only improve but also retain its sad sweetness. Pictures of restored vintage cars are a hit with viewers, whether displayed online or offline, attracting buyers and new customers.

Our team of experts carefully removes dirty lines, stains and black marks from old photos, as well as restoring faded red tones. Additionally, we have the ability to add color to black and white vintage car models, making them more appealing. Adding computer graphics to old car models creates stunning images that attract viewers.


  • Restored car models are reminiscent of cars.
  • The black and white images take on a bright new look.
  • Display vintage photographs that capture the essence of a bygone era.

Automotive Dealer Photo Editing Service


The car dealer image makeover service includes a variety of customized ways to enhance car images for dealers. This includes tasks such as merging vendor templates, replacing backgrounds, and using various editing tools to edit the images. Our design team ensures that each model is carefully prepared and tailored to the dealers needs.

We can act as your dedicated car dealer image editor, provide flexible edits for banner use, and resize images. This strategy plays an important role in effective vehicle advertising and driving sales.

Employing automotive model planners, especially for car dealers, can go a long way in boosting automotive branches. By using our dealership design services, you will gain a competitive advantage in expanding your dealership business.


  • Streamlined customization and template creation for your vendor needs.
  • Grow your car sales business fast.
  • Increased customer engagement through attractive and professionally designed images.

Car Image Cutout


If you want to do a car photo cut, provide photos of the car from different angles. Our team then extracts the background of each image and combines them into one image, allowing viewers to see the car from multiple angles. Known as deep etching, the process creates more focus on the car by removing distractions from the background.

Automotive photography is considered to be a medium to complex photography due to its complexity. With the back solid, the car becomes the focal point of the picture. Our experienced team goes through this process with care, ensuring that the resulting image is suitable for online platforms.

The main advantage of cropped images is to give customers a better view of the vehicle. This gives viewers a better understanding of the car’s features and aesthetics through a single image. Additionally, the accurately captured image can be effectively used for online displays.


  • It gives more focus to the car for the viewers.
  • It allows the entire vehicle to be seen in one picture.
  • It makes the image suitable for use on online forums.

Who Requires Car Photo Editing Services?

Vehicle graphic replacement services cater to a variety of individuals and businesses looking to upgrade their vehicle graphics. Key beneficiaries of our services include:

Professional Automotive Photographers: Our primary clients include professional photographers who specialize in automotive photography. These photographers use their skills to create stunning car portraits. By outsourcing the editing process to us, they can fully focus on their craft. We offer affordable automotive photo editing services designed specifically for photographers.

Car Agencies and Dealers: Global car agencies and dealers rely on our services to showcase their vehicles effectively online. Whether for online listings or marketing materials such as magazines and brochures, we enhance and polish their images to ensure they make a strong impression. Our dedicated automotive model replacement team is ready to meet the unique needs of companies and dealers.

Individuals: Individuals who have no professional relationship with the automotive industry can also benefit from our services. Whether you’ve damaged photos that hold cherished memories or simply need repairs to make a car model visually appealing, we’re here to help. Our affordable prices make it easy for anyone to get the high-quality automotive paint restoration service they need.

No matter your background or needs, don’t hesitate to contact us for any vehicle paint replacement needs. We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional quality and are committed to exceeding your expectations.